Athletics in Business

Being a student-athlete comes with a lot of perks. As other athletic Operators may know, business and athletics tie in very well together. Much as to why interviewers tend to ask interviewees if they are a part of the team, is because they are in search of the qualities listed below.

  • One of the top benefits is most definitely time management. Especially in this business where we have to juggle school, practices, lifts, video, sleep, and work, being able to manage your time down to the minute is essential.
  • Another advantage of being on a varsity team is perseverance in failure. Especially in this time of COVID-19 having the ability to face rejection and failure, yet maintain persistence, has only been developed through years of athletic setbacks. We’ve developed the grit of learning from our failures and improving for next time, getting up each time as if it was the first. In business, this is of utmost important; as the philanthropist and sports-fanatic Mark Cuban states,

Every no gets me closer to a yes.

  • As we will learn very soon when production starts up, putting the team first is a top priority. The lessons of teamwork that have evolved through sports are only going to benefit all of the student-athlete Operators.
  • Considering this production season will be a major learning-curve for many rookies, being able to face the adversity and accepting the challenge is one athletes willingly accept. Personally, I am excited to be able to apply all that I’ve learned in the preseason. Being a student of the game, another aspect of being a varsity athlete, has readied me for this challenge.

These are only a few key features why varsity student-athletes are solid entrepreneurs. Obviously other business-people who don’t currently play on a team, yet have athletic experience, are much in the same boat. Having these attributes will only multiply one’s success in the long run.

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