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Jamie Wilson, who founded Scholars Edge in 2006, has always had a thing for running his own business, and taking on responsibility. This year, he has amped up the experience by reshaping it as The Business Ownership Experience, a competition designed to challenge students in a way they never have been before. Along the way, it will provide the students with an online platform to showcase their talents to the world for their future careers.
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First Ever Dean’s List

I am excited to announce our first ever Deans List as of Wednesday the 26th. As you know you are evaluated on your sales, production and profit, customer and employee relations and quality of your Video Posts. Our mentors, and panelists will be closely watching your progress throughout the season. The competition is looked over every week and points accumulate over a two week period to announce "that periods, top 10". Over the summer we will track how many times you make the Dean's List to ultimately earn our ultimate prize. I look forward to seeing the next Dean's List [...]

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