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Hold on, I think I need gloves for this…

Our success in delivering a signature to the bottom of a painting agreement is our quality in painting estimates for our clients. If a virus is going around, and a pandemic at that, there needs to be extra caution when giving painting estimates. You must have the following: Gloves. Gloves are super important from keeping the client as well as yourself safe from any surface germs from touching your skin. It is imperative to have while giving an estimate. Hand Sanitizer. When there isn't a sink, hand sanitizer is the next best thing. Physical Distancing. Physical Distancing needs to be [...]

By |April 19, 2020|2020 Scholars|

Stefan’s COVID-19 Crackdown

I will not lie to you, a pandemic level virus was one of the last things on my list that I thought would challenge my business. However, who isn't surprised? It seems that the world was caught off-guard by the entire situation. However, seeing this as a great challenge also gives me a different kind of motivation. One that requires nights of being locked in rooms and devising plans for what to do and how to do it. There are several ways a business can push through the COVID-19 barrier. Some of my colleagues, as you have probably seen, have [...]

By |April 5, 2020|2020 Scholars|

Stefan Goes Cold-Calling: Literally Trying to Open Doors to New Possibilities

Hi everybody, this is my second week of vlogging, and it is themed around what and how I go about marketing my business. I am excited to show you how I get most of my leads: by door-knocking! I believe door-knocking is something that can give you a great first impression on what you have to offer and why you are offering it. In this case, it is painting estimates, and since us Scholars are students and the estimates are free of charge, I always like to see the positive side of door-knocking, despite the many turn-downs and closed doors [...]

By |March 13, 2020|2020 Scholars|

Excited to be here!

Hey there, my name is Stefan Klimach and I am a first year student at the Peter Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. I am extremely excited to be chosen as an Operator of the Uplands/Hillside/Oaklands district with Scholars Edge! As a resident of the wonderful Vancouver Island and a very competitive soccer player, I love the feeling of challenge and adversity. These attributes of life are what have helped me grow the most, and I believe that Scholars Edge will give me an awesome amount of knowledge and experience that I can use wherever I go. [...]

By |February 26, 2020|2020 Scholars|
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