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A Parent’s Testimonial

Ever wonder what a parent thought of their son or daughter running a business? Here’s your chance to see! My father has been a key figure in my keen interest in business, so I posted a testimonial video of a few questions on his impressions of me running one. Hope you enjoy, and to all the parents out there unsure about having their son/daughter coming aboard, watch this video! I promise that it will give your son or daughter a treasure trove of experience that they can carry on for the rest of their life.  Cheers!  Stef https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr55A-zRwFE

By |September 26, 2020|2020 Scholars|

The Long Journey – What I Learned from Running a Business

To start, it is something of a true honour to be able to say: "I have run a successful painting business for one year!". Behind that statement, the amount of friends I have made, as well as lessons I have learned have given me an experience that has jumpstarted the success for my future. I cannot thank my mentors, painters, and clients enough for the opportunity and guidance they have given me to market, sell, paint, and do business. Thank you to Jamie Wilson, a person whom I respect greatly and had the integrity to teach me his ways while [...]

By |September 25, 2020|2020 Scholars|

Meet the Crew

As the production season hits a peak, so does the importance of maintaining a safe and organized crew. I am incredibly proud on how much my crew has grown since preseason training, and its about time that the Scholars Edge Community meets my painters, as well as my good friends. Here is the trailer, so stay tuned for more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY8laQaJpP4 Stay tuned for more!

By |June 15, 2020|2020 Scholars|

Ladder Safety isn’t just “keeping your balance”…

As we dive head-first into the production season, the pile of things to do on the operator's plate grows exponentially. One of these things to cover is safety, In particular, when painting areas we cannot reach from the ground, there is a crucial need for the reinforcement of ladder safety, as it is 20% of all falling injuries in workers. Please see the video for a short version of how to use a ladder safely: Stefan Edition. Good luck Operators, keep up all the great work! It is truly inspiring to see all the great paint jobs that are being [...]

By |May 18, 2020|2020 Scholars|
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