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  • Hands outreaching to help

COVID-19 – We are here to help

By |March 20, 2020|

As a company we asked ourselves what we can do for people to help. No strings attached. If you need anything we are here. Most of our students would be willing to run an errand, [...]

  • Marketting Innovation

Being Innovative as a Business Owner

By |March 20, 2020|

When an obstacle gets in your way it's important to step back and come up with ideas so that you can progress in a responsible way.

  • Internally vs Externally

Internal Locus of Control vs. External Locus of Control

By |March 13, 2020|

This video speaks to the difference between an internally focused person that takes responsibility for their outcomes and situation versus an externally focused person that blames their results or lack their of on forces outside of their control. The difference being that internally focused people are more successful than externally focused people that simply hope for better luck the next time.

  • Female Painter

Why Hire Our Scholars?

By |February 9, 2020|

Trained Business Operators Your Student Operator and painting crew have been highly trained and supported by our systems that have been in place for twenty years. Each Student Entrepreneur and Painter are thoroughly trained and [...]