Own the Experience

As the majority of the world is still on pause, us young entrepreneurs are still hungry for success. It is in times like this that we must take accountability for our actions. The only way to succeed through a dropping economy is to review, study, alter, and improve all aspects of your business; to show your customers that you aren’t like your friends sitting at home watching Netflix, that you are willing to put in the time to be successful.

By taking accountability for our actions, by putting in a full effort, and not allowing yourself to make excuses (especially in these times when you have an unlimited amount of excuses), running a successful business will only be a matter of time. Centering all of your attention on solutions that grow your business will eliminate all thoughts that focus on the problem.

Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.

Les Brown

An aspect that I have personally been focusing on is online marketing. Through Facebook ads, group pages, LinkedIn connections, and YouTube videos, the ROI on these marketing tactics are stunning. Already booking a few jobs off of Facebook ads, it goes to show that pivoting and finding other ways to advertise your business through social media work. Taking ownership of the opportunity that Scholars Edge is offering involves more than just door-knocking and flyer-dropping. Evolving myself as an entrepreneur and setting a foundation for future endeavors is a monumental reason as to why I chose Scholars Edge.

For future goals, Steve Acorn brought to our attention that virtual estimates can be a unique asset. Stay tuned for updates on that process…

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