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Own the Experience

As the majority of the world is still on pause, us young entrepreneurs are still hungry for success. It is in times like this that we must take accountability for our actions. The only way to succeed through a dropping economy is to review, study, alter, and improve all aspects of your business; to show your customers that you aren't like your friends sitting at home watching Netflix, that you are willing to put in the time to be successful. By taking accountability for our actions, by putting in a full effort, and not allowing yourself to make excuses (especially [...]

By |March 29, 2020|2020 Scholars|

Internal Locus of Control vs. External Locus of Control

This video speaks to the difference between an internally focused person that takes responsibility for their outcomes and situation versus an externally focused person that blames their results or lack their of on forces outside of their control. The difference being that internally focused people are more successful than externally focused people that simply hope for better luck the next time.

By |March 13, 2020|President's Posts|
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