The First 2021 Dean’s List

Welcome to the first 2021 Dean’s list rankings. It has been a busy two months with training and planning, and now it is time to hit the ground running. We can’t wait to see how each and every one of you challenge yourself and push forward.

Our biweekly Dean’s List is where we highlight three Scholars who have exceeded expectations, taken initiative, overcame adversity, and/or surpass their personal goals.

This biweekly’s focus was on creating memorable Youtube introductions. Putting in effort and creativity into how you present yourself helps you separate yourself from the competition and forms the basis of core strategies in how one markets themselves.

We congratulate Josiah Forde, Tanner Payne and Mattias Hohlweg for their outstanding intros as they make the top three of our first 2021 Scholars Edge Dean’s List.

Watch Tanner’s and Mattias’ fantastic videos below:

Tanner Payne’s Introduction
Mattias Hohlweg’s Introduction

Note: Every two weeks, we start with a clean slate – which means a new start and a new opportunity to rise the ranks and be showcased for all of your hard work. At the very end of the summer, we will accumulate all of your scores (in a sense your GPA) and the top ten will make the FINAL Dean’s List.

Great work, everyone!

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